Current projects

Working on a few different things at the moment:

The Olympic Forest Baby blanket is a about half done. I’m on to the third chart of three and still on the second ball of yarn. It’s worked from the centre out so the rows keep getting longer and longer and the cabling gets more involved as well. I’ve put it on hold for a little while to work on Hobbit’s winter cardigan.

I started Roseberry yesterday after waiting a couple of days for the swatch to dry. It’s knitted from the top of the hood down through the shoulders and then the skirt. I’ve made it on to the yoke where there are raglan increases so the rows are getting longer but as it’s for a 2 year old it doesn’t exactly get huge especially as it’s knitted in chunky yarn. I’m using New Lanark Chunky in Limestone (a light grey) which arrived super speedily the next day. It’s not the softest to knit with but the swatch is nice after a bath and I’ve worked with the DK before and liked it.

I finished sock number one of Temperance. Sock number two is also waiting for the cardigan to be knitted (though it may go to knitting on Tuesday if I decide the cardigan is too bulky by then).

I’ve sewn one pair of Hobbit’s trousers and the second is just waiting for the elastic in the waist and the hems to be finished. I’ll do an FO post for them when they’re both done. I’ve also cut out the calico fabric for a chairseat I’m making (a portable highchair substitute).



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