Autumnal feelings

Every time I look out the window at the moment the trees seem to have more and more yellow leaves. The weather has changed and the nights are closing in. It’s definitely turned into autumn.

Given that it’s suddenly autumn I no longer feel ridiculous for wanting to make soup and casseroles all the time. Tonight’s dinner was butternut squash soup (not sure where the recipe came from originally) – nice and thick and warm. With it we had Rosemary and Onion Bread with Blue Cheese Topping. I’ve made this before and it was just the right thing for dunking in the soup. And Hobbit even ate some soup!

Leftovers for lunch tomorrow šŸ™‚Rosemary Onion BreadCraft wise the blanket is making steady progress and I’ve sewn the third of four t-shirts. The windows are clean and our wardrobe is sorted out. Altogether the two wardrobes had three bins worth of cardboard boxes in them – not entirely sure why I though I needed to save so many. I’ve also cleaned off a couple of bits of wall – one where the stroller lives and the other behind the pillows on our bed. There’s a few more things on the list but I pleased to be making progress.


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