Not spring cleaning

It’s not spring, in fact it’s pretty much autumn – there are some suspiciously yellow leaves on the tree out the window, but I’ve spent time today cleaning out the kitchen cupboards and finishing off sorting through my clothes.

Three bags of clothes plus three pairs of shoes have gone to be recycled. I would have liked to reuse more of the clothes but I don’t currently have the energy or inspiration to do so and in the interest of clearing it out of my mind out of the house they’ve gone. Next step is to get husband to do the same.

I’ve got a list of other cleaning tasks to do – cleaning the windows is on the list for tomorrow and I’ve already washed and sorted most of the hand-me-down baby clothes into drawers for Squishy. And no I don’t think I’m nesting, just dealing with the changing of the seasons (frost on the rooves yesterday) by having a clear out and a clean out. Some of the jobs are small and just need getting on a list to get done and others will take a bit longer.

I’ve sewn two of the 4 t-shirts for Hobbit so far and am making good progress on the Olympic Forest Blanket for Squishy as well as a little progress on my Temperance socks. As the weather is changing I need to organise yarn for Hobbit’s winter cardigan sooner rather than later, she’s still fitting in to one I made before she was born but I doubt it’ll last the winter and I’ve still to knit the cardigan as I thought I’d have a little more time before she’d need it.

So blanket, socks, 2 baby blankets for gifts, Hobbit’s cardy then hopefully one for me before a couple more little people garments aimed at next summer. And my sewing and cleaning plans of course.


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One response to “Not spring cleaning

  1. Oh you pick such pretty things to knit! The blanket and cardy for you look lovely. And the one for Hobbit looks super cozy and cute!
    We’ve had spring blossoms for weeks over here, and see lots of lambs when we drive out and about. I even did some spring cleaning a week or so ago, and then some of my twice-a-year dusting 🙂

    The change in seasons is always a good spur on for getting things sorted or cleaned. I always find it inspiring.


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