Sewing plans

I’ve been cutting out piles of pattern pieces and fabric this week in preparation for sewing some clothes for Hobbit and Squishy. Hobbit’s been growing and the weather is changing and the crate in the cupboard of next size up clothes is looking a little sparse. I think this is the first time there’s been enough warning to get things made for her before she needs them and that I’ve had the inspiration to do so.

I’m using up leftover fabric from some other projects to make some plain long sleeve t-shirts, I’ve four sets cut out which added to what’s in the cupboard should work for the winter (providing they fit at some point!). I’m using New Look 6016 which includes a pattern for leggings, the t-shirt and a pinafore too. She still fits the dresses she’s got (though they are getting a little short) but this dress is on the radar for later in the year. I’m using fabric left from the gathered top I made for me and the bodysuits in turquoise and purple I made for her as well as some black left over for a skirt I made but never blogged.

I’ve also cut out pattern and fabric for two pairs of trousers in size 2 from Simplicity 2907 which I used for her buzzy bee dress
(still too big at the moment). The fabric for these is harvested from husbands trousers (rendered unwearable/unmendable but with plenty of good fabric for toddler clothes) so both pairs will be black – one drill and one cord.

Hobbit’s also going to grow out of her overalls before we get through winter so I’m contemplating fabric for those as well as some more cotton interlock for footed trousers for Squishy as we found socks impossible to keep on Hobbit. But current projects first! (There are a few more than just these on the horizon especially if I included knitting projects to complete before winter!)




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4 responses to “Sewing plans

  1. wow! Sounds like you will be busy.

    Making clothes for kids can be tricky, if you make it too much to big they won’t grow into it before it is out of season, and if you make it fit now they grow lots the moment it is finished (but not before so that you can do something about it).

    I love harvesting fabric (such a fun way to phrase it!), and often made toddler clothes out of trouser legs where the knee or bum had worn out, but the calves were fine.


  2. Squishy = baby bump? Congratulations if so! x


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