What’s up…

A combination of first trimester tiredness, toddler molars, husband work trips, visitors and summer weather took me away from doing much of anything for 6 weeks or so. Husband went back to work from holidays today and so things are seemingly back to normalish. I’ve been working on a bunch of small things lately so have some finished objects to show (no extra posts though but there are some notes on some on Ravelry).

Ravelry Update

I’ve got more projects planned – I re-jigged my 13in13over13 list (it was going to be impossible with baby and gift and winter knitting) and added in the gifts and planned baby knitting. I’ve also a cardigan for hobbit for winter to knit and I want to knit me one too.

At the moment my list consists of 4 baby blankets (2 are gifts), 4 cardigans in varying sizes and 1 pair of socks. There are a few other things in my queue but they’re long term plans rather than this year.


I’ve sewing plans too (maybe another post) and the Shetland silk is still on my 13in13over13 list.



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3 responses to “What’s up…

  1. Just catching up on blog reading and see your announcement- congratulations!

    In terms of the craft-based creations, the red jumper and the fractal cowl are gorgeous!


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