Process or product…

So I’m not really enjoying the process of knitting at the moment. Maybe because progress is hard to see when you’re working on a lace-weight cardigan? I’ve made it more that halfway through the yoke I think but have 25 rows of 1×1 rib to go before I split off the sleeves and it’s feeling rather tedious. I love the colour of the yarn, and love the finished look of the pattern so I’m persevering. It’s not been helped by the saddest baby in the world. She’s been mysteriously sick since Thursday or so but finally seems to be mostly back to her usual rambunctious self today.

The other project I’m trying to knit on is an easy scarf but I’m really not enjoying the yarn. It’s Louet Kidlin, and is mohair and linen. It’s very loosely plied and fuzzy as well. Still short rows make it feel a bit faster.

I shall keep plodding along and try really hard not to be seducing into starting a new project before finishing something.


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  1. process vs product can be a tricky one. I often find that the things I enjoy making the most aren’t things I tend to wear. I like bit of a challenge in my creative pursuits, but tend to prefer wearing fairly simple things. The only time they beautifully intersect is when I do some tricksy patternmaking so the garment appears simple but I’ve fiddled with seamlines so it’s really not, deceptively simple perhaps? Live the time I made a hoodie with no seam at the neckline. Sometimes you just need to make something that you enjoy the process of, even if it becomes a gift because it’s just not you. Other things are worth persevering with because the end product will be good, even if the process is less interesting. Sometimes I manage to have one of each on the go, but then one gets completed faster than the other.
    Sorry for the novel, I’m still trying to convince myself of some of these ideas.
    Glad to hear Hobbit had a better day.


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