May Round Up and June goals

I’ve only done a little knitting this month; been spinning, sewing, and talking to visitors more. As well as going for wee toddles around the neighbourhood. We make it about 2 blocks now before she starts demanding up. I made the jandals dress for hobbit and finished a skirt for me too (no finished photos yet) as well as finishing the first sock of the pair. Oh and the bonnet of course. Wray has been started but I’ve not made it much past the collar (it’s top down, seamless). I decided to put the second ripples craft sock on hold for a while and try to work on things that are on my 13in13over13 list. That means Wray, the feather and fan scarf I started and getting the Shetland and silk spun up. If I get two of those three finished this month that’d be great. I’ve material and plans to make a top for me. I have to print the pattern still (no printer at home though I’m thinking about buying one) but hope to do that tomorrow when we go to storytime at the library.

I started the Crown of Stars series. I really liked the first two but I’m finding the storyline of the third one a little weird. Still I shall persevere as they are very readable.

I went through my three drawers of clothes and pulled a lot of things out that don’t work for me anymore. They’re currently in bags waiting for me to decide whether to store them in the hopes I will wear them one day, scavenge the fabric or donate them to charity. I’ve still to go through the things hanging in the wardrobe.


So goals:

spin the Shetland and silk

knit on Wray and the feather and fan scarf

sew the top for me

finish book 3 of Crown of Stars and read book 4

plan what to sew next

go through the wardrobe

possibly start on making cards for birthdays later in the year




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