Make, Mend or Buy

It’s May and Me-Made-May is going on again. I think it was two years ago but maybe three that I first heard about this and I wish I was now in a position to participate but I’m not really yet unless I count my socks (and I don’t wear socks everyday). It has made me think about what holes there are in my wardrobe, what clothes I’d like to be wearing (I’m stuck in a jeans and t-shirt rut at the moment), and also what clothes I could get rid of that don’t fit or don’t fit my current lifestyle. There are also clothes that I should be wearing but don’t either because I have nothing that ‘goes’ with them or the wrong shoes or I’m keeping them for good. Keeping them for good means they just don’t get worn at all some I’m going to try better at actually wearing them. Some of my clothes are probably going to stay even if I don’t wear them for a while – a couple of dresses and dressy skirts/tops which aren’t everyday wear but might be needed sometime.

So instead of wearing Me-Made things this month I’m going to try and work out what’s wrong and right with my current clothes situation. I need to work out what I want to wear and what will work with my life. I’m planning to go through the three drawers and the wardrobe and sort out some things to donate or mend/alter and try and make a list of clothes to fill the gaps so I can work on making them. I know I need everyday skirts so that’s definitely on the sewing list and some more 3/4 sleeved tops. There’s a shoe gap to fill too but buying shoes takes me forever so not sure how soon that will happen. Dresses don’t fit in with nursing as well as skirts and tops do but I’d like to be wearing more in the future. I don’t think I’m up to making trousers just yet but I need to work out what I have that works and what doesn’t. There’s one pullover on the knitting list and one long cardy that I’m thinking about. I need to keep in mind that things I make need to go with things I have so I’m also thinking about colours.

Of course this means that my lists of things to make keep getting longer and longer and longer. Especially when you add in things for the hobbit. First thing I should be sorting out is a sun hat for her.



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5 responses to “Make, Mend or Buy

  1. I’ve have been trying to do this for about 3 years, though getting pregnant didn’t help things, and needing clothes to be breastfeeding-friendly can add some challenge, though that won’t be forever.
    I have the same problem of having some nice items but not knowing or having anything to go with them, so then they don’t get worn.
    I’m trying really hard to wear skirts as often as I can, and around home it doesn’t matter if the top-half doesn’t quite work or match, but by wearing them it gives me ideas about what Might work or match and so I have some solid ideas I can work on. xox


    • I mostly don’t wear things in case I mess them up which is silly ๐Ÿ™‚
      I also have ‘issues’ with matching and multiple colours in one outfit (black, white and jeans don’t count as colours).


  2. Did you have any luck with this? Or did life get in the way?


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