In the middle of things …

I’m in the middle the leg of my socks now. The yarn is lovely, I’m getting strips of plain purple and purple/grey mix. I’m a little worried the foot is going to be too long for me (they’re toe-up) but haven’t tried them on to confirm. I’ve been working on spinning this week, making some progress on the Shetland and silk whilst I catch up on podcasts (well start anyway as I’m very very behind).

I started sewing hobbit’s new dress yesterday, the body is together but still needs a collar and sleeves before getting hemmed. The pattern gives options for embellishing with lace and also has a separate pattern for a pinafore over top. I’ve some white fabric floating around but not sure how much is left as I’ve used it for a variety of things but plan to look that out and see if it’ll do. This fabric is not so vibrant as the previous dress (it’s the middle fabric at the bottom of this post).

I’m not in the middle of a book at the moment as I can’t quite decide what to read next. I had a wee look at the library today but nothing jumped out and wee hobbit was quite determined in her exploring. May end up starting the Crown of Stars series by Kate Elliot as I’ve had the first book for ages but never actually got started. I still want to reread the Tawny Man series by Robin Hobb but I’ve only copies of books 2 and 3 so need to acquire the first book.

It’s rainy today. It wasn’t on our way to storytime but most definitely was on the way home. Unfortunately I’d decided we didn’t need the warmth of the sleeping on the stroller any more and I hadn’t taken the raincover with us either so we both got a bit damp. Hobbit can almost use the foot rest in the stroller now. She was experimenting with kicking without her feet confined by the bag. She’s decided she can walk up the stairs (holding on) – a few weeks ago she wouldn’t even try and crawl up. She does get confused when we get to the top of the first set and thinks we should be going in the neighbours door.



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2 responses to “In the middle of things …

  1. Don’t worry if the socks end up too long, I know someone with longer feet who loves purple ;P

    I’ve read and enjoyed a number of Kate Elliot’s books, but not her Crown of Stars series.

    Hobbit is a cutey 🙂


    • Lol, they might not be longer enough for you 😛

      I’ve read at least the first (maybe the second) of the Spiritwalker ones (Cold Magic etc) liked it but couldn’t find the next one at the library at that point.


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