April Round up and May Goals

Hmmm. Well Ivy League didn’t get any (a tiny bit?) of progress this month. I got bored and wanted to make something new. I finished my basic socks – at least that’s progress on the 13in13over13 but nothing else was. I knit a stripy cowl, a cardigan for the hobbit, crocheted a baby blanket and started another pair of socks. I feel like I’m rebelling against my own plans! I did swatch for Wray so I’m hoping to get the yoke of that knitted this month as well as probably more on the socks (maybe finish them?).

I made a bunch of cards for various occasions – I think I’m up to date til about September now. I’ve been working on them whilst hobbit slowly eats her lunch.

I’ve finished the top I was making and the next project (Buzzy Bee dress) too. I’ve cut out the fabric for the next dress for hobbit. Then I’ve not got a plan for what’s next in sewing.

I’ve only done a little spinning this month; been knitting, sewing, and reading more. I’d like to get a bit further through this in the next month.

I’ve a baby blanket to think about patterns for and need to think of a present for my Dad’s birthday in June. I had an idea but I’ve changed my mind about it.

I finished the Wheel of Time re-read and final book at last. I’ve not been reading much since I got that finished.

The weather’s been a bit warmer, the trees are getting green and blossoms are appearing. There are daffodils everywhere. We’ve been to the local park a number of times in the last few weeks. Hobbit likes the swings best but also toddles around exploring. She discovered the joy of pulling up grass the other day.

Playing at the park



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2 responses to “April Round up and May Goals

  1. It’s so easy to make plans and ignore them. I’ve decided not to let it bother me. It’s not like you are crafting and blogging as a career. It’s a hobby so you are allowed to do what you want to do when you want to!


    • This is true. Mostly I’ve been trying to get some things made that have been in the stash/queue for ages. That’s been my big crafting goal this year but I got bored 🙂 Hopefully I will still get most of it done but let myself do other things too.


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