Gathered top

I’ve been going on about this top I’m making for a while now but I’ve finally finished it and am wearing it today. It’s Simplicity 1805A view D. The fabric is a plum kind of colour and I managed to pick a thread that matched without remembering to take a scrap to the store.

Getting the gathers even was the hardest part and I don’t think they’re perfect by any stretch of the imagination but I’m quite pleased. I ended up shortening it a little (hobbit ran off with the scrap as a scarf) but might have shortened a little much or too much in the back. It’s perfectly wearable though and comfortable. I think I’d make it again but need to sort out why I keep getting snarls before I try another knit project. I bought the fabric from Vend Fabrics and I’m pretty pleased with the colour from choosing it unseen. I’ve got more than enough left over to play with and hopefully get the hang of knit fabrics a bit better. I’ve some patterns for children’s clothes that would probably work with the leftovers.

Gathered Top

Next on the sewing list is a dress for hobbit. One of my mothers-in-law sent me three fabrics for Christmas to make things for the hobbit. So they’ve been washed and are ready for cutting out and sewing. They’re fabulously bright and cheerful.

Kiwiana fabric




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12 responses to “Gathered top

  1. riotflower

    I think it looks great and I love the colour!


  2. riotflower

    Do you sew knits often? If you do, this probably won’t help, because I don’t! Was it the seaming or thread that made the snarls? I sewed my wedding dress in the fall and was terrified of sewing it. After practicing with the zig zag stitch (which turned it bumpy!), we discovered a stitch that was meant to be used for bathing suits and it makes teeny tiny perfect seams and was smoother than I could have imagined. I would have never found it…my mother in law read the manual! I’m saying this because I have a very basic Elna so perhaps your machine has a similar stitch? Unless you’re already using it or it had something to do with tension, in which case ignore this : * )


    • I’ve done a few now but not heaps. I read the manual and followed directions about the two different knit stitches my machine has. They work in that they keep the seams even but every so often the top thread seems to make an extra loop around the bobbin and then more extra loops and I get a horrible snarl on the backside of the fabric. It’s happened a few times on woven fabric too but many more times on the knits (probably due to how the knit stitching works) so I think I need to do some experimenting to see if I can figure it out.

      I’m impressed you made your wedding dress, my sister kindly made mine for me and Mum did the bridesmaids dresses. I was not much of a sewer at that point and definitely wouldn’t have felt confident of sewing something so important.


      • riotflower

        Hmmm…I have had the thread sort of hop every so many stitches but I don’t think I figured it out. I was pretty nervous about making my wedding dress (it was much less complicated than you’re probably thinking though since you’ve made awesome overalls/dungarees for your little one…this was the infinity dress) but I went for it with support from my mother in law!


      • Yeah I’ve had hopped stitches before too, normally when there’s a thick bit to sew over. Normally I’ve just gone back over those bits to fix it.
        The snarls are more annoying as I keep having to break the thread and restart.
        Luckily the fabric I’m sewing now has had no snarls so far ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. For gathers, how many lines of stitching did you use to gather? Three lines gives a much more even and controlled gather than 2. Using silk thread can make it easier to pull, but more expensive.
    And I heard a fantastic sounding trick that I have yet to try: zigzag over a thick tatting thread/fine string. Would be much easier to pull together, but I’m not sure how even the gathers would be.


    • The pattern said two lines so that’s what I used, next time I’ll try three. The zig zag trick sounds cool but I think you’d need to be careful about making them even.
      I had the fun experience of sewing elastic to fabric along it’s length to make a gather today ๐Ÿ™‚


      • ooo yes, that is fun.
        With the three lines to gather, your final sewing line should fall between 2 & 3, 1 being closest to the fabric edge (so 2 gathering lines with the seam allowance). A lot of patterns these days say 2 lines because it seems faster, but it is often more fiddly to get and hold even, making 3 lines actually faster.


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