Things have been finished …

So I think the reason I was uninspired by everything was having too many things on the go at once (or maybe it was just the weather). I decided to try and finish a couple of things so I could start a new project and also not have so many hanging around (it doesn’t help that there are lots and lots of plans in my head).

I started a pair of plain socks way back in January from yarn I received for Christmas. The plan was to knit them in between things, take them to knit night when I didn’t have something simple or take them if I was going out and about. The Ivy League vest is not simple so I’ve taken them to knitting for the last few weeks and made it halfway down the second leg. I put some work in on Monday when I was feeling blah about everything else and that got me to the heel, so I thought I’d better turn it before knitting that night. Then the hobbit turned out to be a bit off colour and did an exceptional amount of sleeping (and I didn’t go to knitting anyway) so I was halfway through the foot by Tuesday night. May as well finish them at that point. So they’re off the needles and will be on my feet when we go out today. Of course this leaves me without a plain and simple project again so I’ll have to cast on something else.

Plain socks


And I finished book 11 of the Wheel of Time last night – I got to about 75% and then the story started moving faster so I read lots and stayed up a bit late to get it finished. Two more to reread before the final new one.

I’ve also finished my top I was sewing but I’ll put that in another post when I get photos together.



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5 responses to “Things have been finished …

  1. Yay for finished things!
    My list of things I’m in the middle of is always too long, and there’s always a big long list of things I want to be making too.
    If only the slogging through the middle was as exciting as starting or finishing 🙂


  2. Glad you have cleared through some unfinished things, it must feel good!

    Is ‘knit night’ a night of the week you knit on or the gathering at Beanscene in town? I haven’t been to the Beanscene one but a few friends (whom I originally met at the council’s ‘knitting bee’) have been going on and off.


    • Knit night is the Tolbooth knitting group – not sure if this is what you mean by the council bee. I don’t know anything about the one at Beanscene.
      Knit night means I get out of the house without the hobbit 🙂

      And yes the socks are nice and cosy and a good fit too.


  3. Oh, forgot to say that the socks are gorgeous and look nice and cosy!


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