On the slow road…

So last week was a bit of a bust craftwise, I wasn’t sleeping very well (hobbit did though!) and was just feeling a bit slow. I did a little of everything but couldn’t settle to much and spent too much time mucking around. I did finish plying the rainbow silk but have yet to skein and wash it. And I made a little more progress with the shetland, and ivy league vest. I’ve finished and blocked the orange hat but it’s hiding in a drawer now til the appropriate birthday comes around.

More successfully the top I’m making has sleeves. It has a gathered neck which I’ve pinned in place but need to sew and then there’s just a hem to go. I’ll be pleased to have it done. I’ve been having a bit of a struggle with the knit fabric – I think I need to fiddle with the tension – and I’d like to start something else. Not sure what yet but probably clothes for the hobbit who’s growing again. She fits the overalls I made last year (well just anyway) and has grown into some more of her knitwear. We bought her shoes over the weekend, she wasn’t particularly impressed but walked quite well when we went to the park.


I think I need to finish something so I can start something new.



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2 responses to “On the slow road…

  1. I’ve been feeling quite the same with my crafting recently- not sure what to start next and loitering around the unfinished piles…I think it’s the in-between weather!


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