March Round up and April Goals

Success!! I think I’ve made progress on all of March’s goals. So some are ongoing projects or lead into the next goal so I’ve combined posts this month.

Ivy League Vest – doing three inches of corrugated ribbing was really really slow going. Luckily I’ve finished that now and am making more enthusiastic progress on the body. It’s still not fast due to the yarn size but is way more fun now. I’d like to get up to the armholes in April. This is my main knitting project at the moment (the complicated one) so should be getting most of my knitting energy. I’ve also decided against making one of my 13in13over13 patterns (Unleaving) and will be using the yarn in a feather and fan scarf instead. I cast on Unleaving but decided I didn’t really like the pattern and yarn combination. Socks are also still on the go for when my brain is tired.

I think I should get started on the next baby present (due at the end of May) or at least have a plan. I think I’m going to do another blanket. Plus I’ve just found out about another friends baby due later in the year.

The top for me is still not finished but I made a little progress. With any luck there will be more 2 day weekends around here this month which is when I am most likely to sew. I hope to also cut out pieces for the next sewing project too.

I finished the photo album and have managed to keep the photos up to date through the last month too. I’ve set a reminder to go through them once a month so hopefully I won’t get so far behind again.

I’ve been spinning. I’ve decided to make the shetland and silk blend one of my 13in13over13 projects for the year. It’s 100g and so far I’ve spun 10g or so. It’d be nice to get some fibre spun up into a usable state. I’ve also got the rainbow silk to finish off. It’s half plyed but I had some trouble with it drifting apart part way through so haven’t finished it yet. I’ve still no idea what to do with it.

Book 10 of the Wheel of Time was finished a few days ago. I’ve started book 11. I’ve been getting back into the story again so hopefully I can keep up the momentum and get to book 14 soon.


Despite being the beginning of Spring the weather in March has been pretty rubbish. Almost every time I’ve left the house in the last few weeks I’ve been snowed on. I’m hoping that the last few days of sunny weather means we might warm up some more so we can get out and about. The hobbit has got the hang of walking at last and so will be acquiring outdoor shoes very soon now. She’s also gained some climbing skills so I’m hoping more than just the swings will get some use at the park this summer. (Providing it’s dryish of course)


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