What I’ve been up to…

Projects of the week

I’ve been quietly working away on a number of things in the last 10 days, none of which are the Ivy League Vest. I wound the skein of sock yarn from the yarn fest (mostly because I want to see what it’d look like), I think I like it even more now. I’ve been spinning some more. I wound off the 10g of blue merino that I’d spun and the then spun some rainbow tussah silk sliver. It’s only ten grams worth and spun up really fast. I haven’t plied it yet (will be a chain-ply to preserve the colour sequence) and have no idea what I’m going to do with it. I’m now spinning up some shetland/silk I bought 2 and a half  years ago at Woolfest. It’s also spinning up nice and fast, it’s very airy roving and super easy to draft.

My second sock is in progress, part way up the leg and I’ve finished off the wee stranded camera cosy. The bright orange is the yarn I bought from The Yarn Yard at the yarn festival, it’s in the process of becoming a hat and is lovely to work with.

I’ve also been baking a bit more lately, the picture is of chive and cheese scones I made last week but I’ve also been busy making various kinds of muffins, a loaf of rye bread (mostly in the freezer for later soup dunking) and a banana cake to use up bananas from the freezer.

Another snow shower

The weather has been rather off putting for outside adventures (I wish it would make up it’s mind as it’s snowing in the above picture and an hour later as I write this it’s brilliantly sunny!) and we’ve been sticking close to home getting some spring cleaning done. I’ve started to use Remember the Milk to keep track of to-do lists and when I’ve done various bits of housework that don’t need doing every week but do need doing more often than I remember on my own. My phone is very much not smart and so I’ve just been using the website but it seems to be working out well so far.

Time to get dinner in the oven now.


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