Shiny pretty things

Edinburgh Yarn Festival Loot

Successful trip to the yarn festival yesterday. It was very very busy and the venue rather overcrowded, getting the stroller around was a bit tricky. There we’re a few stalls I missed having a good look at due to the crowds but I still came away with some nice loot.

The outlier colour in the photo is orange yarn to make a gift for someone but the rest is all for me. (Well some might become something for someone else but wasn’t bought with that in mind). I also found a book for my Mum’s birthday but have ordered it online separately.

The purple and grey yarn is for socks, the other two small balls to make a cowl, and then spinning fibre too. I fell in love with the colours in the small bag. It’s locks which I haven’t tried spinning before but will be a fun experiment. The rainbow fibre I nabbed after seeing a couple of other peoples purchases and I really need to get a spindle full of merino so I can wind it off and start some rainbow spinning (or maybe the locks). It’s half baby camel and half merino.

I did not manage to get a look at the buttons – the stall was totally mobbed with people picking out buttons. Luckily they have a good online store as well so I’ll get on to them soon.

I’ve also earmarked some stallholders for future thought. (Spin Pretty, Ripples Crafts, Once a Sheep, Natural Born Dyers, Shilasdair, Yarn Pony, Fibre Forager, Yarn Yard).

Hobbit was very well behaved, slept on the way there, made friends with everyone she saw, tried to steal yarn and then fell asleep almost as soon as we got on the road home. Because it was so busy we left in time to trundle off to Glasgow to get my husband from the airport. If I’d known I was going to spend most of that trip driving through a snow storm I might have just driven straight home! Hobbit stayed asleep though which was good and then spent half the trip from Glasgow squealing happily from the back seat.



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2 responses to “Shiny pretty things

  1. That orange yarn is very pretty, as is the Ripples Craft yarn. I love Yarn Yard, she dyes such lovely shades.


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