Bits and bobs

The hobbit has spent the last couple of weeks growing a new tooth (after only having 6 for 4 months) and it’s been rather disruptive to sleep in this house (slightly disappointed she only got one new tooth out of it all too). It hasn’t helped that my husband has been away/working extra most of the last month too.

I’ve been working on a few different things lately. The corrugated rib of my vest is going very slowly. I like the way it looks though so I’m persevering but the slow progress of 240 stitch rounds in 4ply is a bit off-putting. I’ve put in a bit more work on my basic socks so have most of the first sock finished.


I’ve also crocheted a baby blanket for a cousin who’s having a baby any day now. It’s finished but I haven’t posted it yet for two reasons: I don’t have the address yet and it’s got to the point where I should wait for the baby to be born so I can write an appropriate note to go with it. If I post it overseas now the baby will probably arrive whilst it’s in transit.

I’ve done some spinning in the last couple of days. I forgot how nice my IST spindle is. It’s only a little one (15g) and spins so well. I’ve got some blue merino on it at the moment. I’ve 100g of broken tops in blue through to white that I’m hoping to get a gradient out of to make a shawl. But it’s not made much progress in the last year. I’ve also got some natural Alpaca on my other spindle (it’s a bit bigger) but it doesn’t spin nearly as well (it’s a basic one I bought to try spinning out).


I’ve also been doing some fair isle swatching for a friend who’s selling 10g balls of J C Rennie 4ply at wanted some samples of different colour combinations. I had fun playing with some different patterns and am now putting together a camera cosy. The 10g goes a long way so I have lots to play with still. She’s going to have them at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival which I’m heading to tomorrow. Hobbit is coming too which will make things interesting but it’s too close not to go and should be fun. I’ve not got much on my list but want to look at buttons for sure and try and find a special yarn for Mum’s birthday.

Fair Isle Swatching


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