March Goals

So it’s already the 7th but better late than never. February was a bit rubbish for completing goals. I think I got too focussed on getting knitting done (a kal for socks in two weeks was the culprit) and didn’t get much else done at all because I had this deadline hanging over me. Deadlines make me procrastinate and then rush at the end. So we’re going to have some working on things goals this time.

Sew on top for me (If I at least get this started I’ll be doing better than last month).

Work on Ivy League Vest (I’d really like to get it finished but I think even getting to the armholes will be a push)
Make some cards (one baby, one 1st birthday one 95th birthday) – and post parcels.
Finish the baby blanket to post.


Finish 1 yr photo album  (this actually got ordered last night)

Spin a little bit.

Read the next Robert Jordan (I’m back up to number 10)

Get out and about a bit more than in February (this won’t be hard!)


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