February Goals – Results

Did I accomplish what I set out to do in February? Well some of it anyway.I focussed probably a bit too much on knitting and didn’t get much else done at all. Hopefully I can balance things a bit better in March.

I didn’t get any sewing done – my sewing machine got taken off the table when we had guests over and never even made it back out again. The fabric is cut and ready to sew I just haven’t found the push to get this started.

The paperwork was sent off. Now we’re waiting for it to come back (hopefully it’s all in order) so that we can do some more!

I did finish Anna Karenina. I’m not really sure if anyone else did and we haven’t had a discussion on it at all. I wrote some thoughts down when I finished it but should make those a bit more coherent and post them.

I made one card but only because I was sending a parcel. I was hoping to get ahead of myself but don’t seem to have managed it.

I did go through all the videos and snip photos and the photo album is half done. I just need to add some words of explanation to finish it off.

I did finish the Wicked Eyelet Rib Vest and finished a whole pair of socks too, Wildflower socks.

We had snow, rain and a fair number of frosts. There was also rather more sunshine than we expected. There are flowers starting to pop up and signs of green appearing. All in all February was a good month if a bit busy.



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