I started listening to podcasts while I was pregnant with the hobbit, I was very tired a lot of the time and also doing a lot of knitting. I find it hard to read at the same time as knitting and was running out of movies to watch. I’d also tried audio books but found them a bit slow. When she was born I got rather behind on listening to podcasts but have finally caught up again.

I listen to a number of craft based podcasts of varying lengths and content – one is a video cast and the others are straight audio. They are released at different intervals but there’s generally one or two new episodes a week from my list.

The podcasts I’m currently following are (in no particular order):

Yarns from the plain

Craft Life

Knit 1 Geek 2

Knitting Samurai plus 1 (and it’s earlier incarnation: The Expectant Knitter)

Cast On

Stash and Burn

Caithness Craft Collective

Electric Sheep


Knit Spin Cake


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