January Goals – Results

Finish the socks for hobbit.
Finish Colour affection
Get halfway (at least) through the next knitted project (Wicked Eyelet Rib Vest)
Finish sewing the two onesies I have cut out.
Cut out pattern and fabric for the top for me.
Get the paperwork sorted. (There are forms to fill out)
Make some cards.
Finish Anna Karenina 60%
Go through the videos and snip photos.

So Anna Karenina was extended through February as everyone was finding it slow going. I’m 60% of the way through and finding it easier to read now so hope it won’t take to much longer to finish. I kind of gave up on finishing it in January when the date got moved.

I haven’t made any cards nor have I done anything with the videos and photos except take more so this is bigger than it was. When the hobbit was 6 months old I put together a photo album on Snapfish of her first 6 months with the planning being to do another now at a year and then every year after (though we’ll see how that goes). Making that will require I go through all the photos.

The paperwork is partly filled out but needs someone else’s signature who isn’t available for another 2 weeks so I’ll get it organised before then.


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