The weather and a finished object.

We went for a walk yesterday. There was snow earlier this week and although most it was gone after rain on Tuesday there were a few patches still around.

River  The hills had a good bit more snow still on them.

Ochils in SnowAnd of course today the view out the window looks a little like this.


The snow started falling again sometime in the night and has been gently falling every since. It’s very light and is rather fun to watch.

A while ago I bought some cotton interlock knit fabric to make some clothes from. The first (of two the same) is finished. I used Simplicity 2291 in size L (1yr) (though when I cut out the fabric she was only 9 months or so). It’s a good pattern though I think I’d prefer and envelope neckline instead of the snaps there. It was easier than I thought it’d be and I think the second one (in purple) will be even easier now that I have some idea of what I’m doing. It’s still a bit big for her but will hopefully fit soon.  I’ve got more than enough fabric to make something else but not sure what. Maybe tshirts rather than bodysuits or maybe some footed trousers.

Blue onesie



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