13 in 13 over 13

So a bunch of people in the parenting forum on Ravelry I’ve joined are making it a goal to complete 13 projects in 2013. The over 13 got added as we sort of started in December making it over 13 months instead of 12.
I’m trying to get through my works in progress (WiPs) and the projects in my queue. There are 3 WiPs and 8 projects in my queue (6 of which I have yarn for, 1 which I’ll be buying yarn for as soon as I make a decision on the colours, and one which I know which yarn I’m using I just haven’t bought it yet). I want to make all these things, I have yarn for most of them (would like to use this yarn rather than buying more) and so hope this goal will make progress happen rather than getting distracted by more things.
I’m sure I’ll be doing at least two more projects (either for the hobbit or as gifts) as I already have ideas: a hat for my brother-in-law, a cowl for my mother-in-law, fingerless mitts for my brother and a cardigan for next winter for the hobbit. But I want to get the WiPs done (well two anyway as the other is a mindless pair of socks to bring out when I need mindlessness) and some of the projects off my queue before I think about adding more projects to the list. Oh and there are many babies arriving this year so I suspect there’ll be some extra projects for that. Oh and I have another skein of lace-weight that I want to use too but haven’t decided on a pattern.
I had better do some knitting!

My list so far:
1: Colour Affection
2: Baby Socks
3: Basic Socks
4: Unleaving (Mum gave me some yarn last year that’ll get used for this scarf/shawl)
5: Wildflower Socks (I plan to randomise the wild flower stitch)
6: Wray (A short sleeved lace-weight cardigan)
7: Wicked eyelet rib vest (I’ve swatched for this already)
8: Vernal Equinox Shawl
9: Temperance Socks
10: Stripe Study Shawl (I still need to buy yarn for this but am planning on using rainbow Kauni for it)
11: Ivy League Vest (A fair isle vest with steeks that I’m currently choosing colours for)
12: To be determined
13: To be determined


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