Resolutions 2013

A slightly belated post this year. Somebody has been sleeping even less well than usual and just keeping up with things as been taking all my energy. However I made lists this morning and hope to have a productive week.

Last year:
Spin, blog, exercise, take photos, talk about books are all things I want to do regularly.
Eat healthy.
Continue to increase my handmade wardrobe.
Work on designing.
Try a new craft.

Spinning fell by the wayside (and I think will do so again this year) as the hobbit is far too interested in what I am doing to spin around her. I do want to get what’s on my spindles finished so I think I will try for some spinning every month.
Blogging has been better. I think I’d have far more blog posts if I could type remotely with my brain as I seem to think of all the good things to say when I’m nursing the hobbit, or failing at falling asleep.
I’ve been taking photos. Lots of the hobbit (well lots of video from which I’ve been snipping photos). I’d like to get better at using my big camera and all it’s settings.
I’ve been good at updating Goodreads but haven’t been reading a huge number of actual books in the last few months. I’m currently trying to read Anna Karenina as part of a January book club read. It’s slow going at the moment probably because I’m only reading just before bed when I’m already tired. I’d like to keep reading with the book club but it’ll depend a bit on whether I can get a hold of the books.

Exercise and eat healthily have been rather rubbish. This is mostly tied to lack of sleep. I’m trying to cut out snacking in the immediate future and hope that as the days get longer (and the hobbit drops to one nap) getting out and about will be easier. I’m working on doing some strength training at home (sometimes using the hobbit as weights) at the moment.

My handmade wardrobe has increased a bit (the hobbit’s has increased more), but I think I don’t always make what I’ll wear. I want to sew some more things for me this year and I’m planning on knitting 13 in 13 over 13 (more on that in another post) most of which are for me. I have fabric and pattern for a knit fabric top which I want to get on to soon.

Designing didn’t make it past thoughts in my head really but I’m planning on unravelling a cardigan I don’t wear and working on a jersey from it. I haven’t found a pattern that’s just right so I’m going to find one that’s close for the measurements and then work on knitting my own. This’ll probably be later in the year.

New craft: I tried my hand at glass painting some Christmas presents. Easier than I thought it’d be. The hardest part was sketching the design before hand. I think I’d like to sketch a bit more this year, but I’m not sure how likely that is to actually happen.

Glass Ornaments

This year:
Spin, blog, exercise, take photos, talk about books.
Eat healthily.
Continue to increase my handmade wardrobe.
Work on designing.
Be better about housework (I get the basics done but it’s the irregular stuff I’d like to get better at)
Use what I have in order to declutter a bit.
Bake regularly. (This seems like it would cause problems with eat healthily but I think eating home baked good is better than buying sweets and things)
Make cards through the year so I don’t end up making 20 all at once at Christmas time.

I think that’s about all. I’ve a plan to make monthly goals to get things done so I’m going to go type up January now.


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