Teethy teeth and Christmas plans

We are busy growing teeth around here. 6 in the last 6 weeks or so which is playing havoc with sleeping both at night and naps. As a consequence I haven’t got up to much at all. I’ve still got one last Christmas present to make and then need to parcel them up and get my cards written (I finished making all those but none are very elaborate this year) before posting them. The problem with sending almost all of them to the other side of the world is you have to get organised early. It doesn’t make me any more pleased to see Christmas stuff in the shops when it’s still October though as the first of it appeared before Halloween was even past.
I’ve got one other project I need to make before Christmas too. I’m planning on making the hobbit a Christmas stocking. Probably a very simple one, lightly quilted and lined. If I’m adventurous I’ll embroider her name on it but unless she goes back to sleeping I’m not sure I’ll be up for that.

I’ve been going back to knitting for a few weeks now so at least I’ll get some progress made on my slow going Colour Affection tonight.


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