Blanket of Doom

(Use Elrond’s voice for “doom”)

Ages ago I decided to use my scraps of DK, worsted and aran weight yarn to make blanket squares. I didn’t expect to take quite so long over it but the square making went in spurts rather than regular activity. I had nearly 100 squares made soon after I started but then progress stalled for a good long while. I made a bunch near the beginning of the year and then got a whole lot made when the Olympics were on a couple of months ago. Counting them all up made it seem like there wasn’t that much more to go and I made steady progress to get them all finished at the beginning of the month.
Joining them together took a while but not as long as I thought it might and then I had the lovely job of tidying up all the ends (trimming some and sewing in others) over this past weekend.

The blanket is giant – square (though it’s doesn’t look like it in the above picture) and longer in both directions than I am tall. There are 225 squares (15 by 15) with each square composed of 4 rounds. They are joined together with single crochet in a continuous zigzag fashion. I completed the blanket with two rounds of single crochet.

It contains all sorts of yarns from handwash only 100% wool to 100% acrylic and there’s bits from all sorts of previous projects. It weighs nearly 3lbs (1.325kg)!!

I’m so pleased it’s done and just in time for winter too and have a new appreciation for how much work goes into a blanket like this. I’m not planning another one in the immediate future.


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