Cord Overalls

When I was wee I had a pair of red cord overalls. I had other pairs too but these are the ones that appear in a number of pictures when I was around two or so. At storytime there is a wee girl who has red cord overalls and the combination made me determined to make some for the wee one.

I purchased fabric for two pairs (one denim, one cord) back in June with my Mum. I’ve been making slow progress as there are lots of pieces involved and then my sewing machine needed fixing (the width control was stuck) before I could make the buttonholes.

They are probably the most involved pattern I have made but had good instructions (I’m using Kwik Sew 2785 but there is another very similar pattern also by Kwik Sew that includes a pattern for a hat but doesn’t include the shorter style that this one does). They have snaps up the insides of the legs to enable easy nappy changes – I’ve used the snaps that fasten through the fabric rather than trying to sew them on. I would have worried that the snaps were going to come off every time I unfastened them otherwise. They are sized for a one year old so don’t fit her yet but I imagine they will by the end of the year.

I’m hoping to get the pieces cut out for the denim pair this week. The cutting out really needs to be done in one go and without a baby involved so this is the hardest part to get done. The rest can be done in stages as there is room for my machine to live on the dining table.

I’ve also bought some other patterns for baby clothes and one for knit tops for me. Simplicity has been having a 50% off sale and so I took advantage to get patterns for things I’d like to have for the next while.



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9 responses to “Cord Overalls

  1. I can’t believe you just…MADE those! Like, OUT OF CLOTH! They look just like REAL OVERALLS!


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  3. They look amazing! One sewing dream of mine is to be able to sew a whole drawer full of corduroy trousers! Where did you get the material (what looks like ‘here’) around here? Pembertons doesn’t carry much in the way of clothes making and the John Lewis in Edinburgh looked like it had material more suited to making dresses, etc.


    • Fabric came from Mandors I’ve only visited the one in Glasgow. They have a huge selection of fabric (clothing,quilting,and upholstery) as well as good haberdashery and patterns. They’ve definitely had multiple colours in cord when I’ve visited.


  4. Excellent, thank you. I tried to go to that shop once but it was closed. It is pretty close to the centre so I should go again. Their site is bookmarked now!


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