Bread making

I randomly found poppyseeds in the supermarket a few weeks ago – a good sized bag full too. I haven’t seen them about since we moved countries so I grabbed some immediately. I’ve made this bread before, it’s slightly sweet and looks impressive for not much extra effort. It’s also always been successful.

I like making bread but it doesn’t always work for me. The last loaf I made rose beautifully but then spread sideways rather than up on the baking tray. It did not look much like the picture next to the recipe. It seems like that dough was too floppy but I don’t know if that was a kneading error or something else. I’ve only got small (1lb) loaf tins so was trying to make a nice big loaf to make sandwiches from but it looks like I may need to find a 2lb loaf tin or try baking it in a cake tin perhaps.



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4 responses to “Bread making

  1. riotflower

    Still looks delicious, is this challah?


  2. riotflower

    Oh, by the way- I meant to say that you can get big bags of poppy seeds at stores that sell Indian and Asian foods. I generally pick mine up in Edinburgh, but try the place across the street from Viewfield Medical centre.


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