2012 goals – halfway update

As it’s halfway through the year (how on earth did that happen!) I thought I should think about where I’m at with my 2012 goals and see if I’m making any progress or need to readjust them.
I’ve been good at blogging for the last wee while so that’s under control as is taking photos – there are more than 1000 of the wee one as well as a fair amount of other things. Talking about books is slightly increased in that I’m keeping track of them on Goodreads and occasionally writing reviews (short ones at any rate) – there was quite a while where I wasn’t reading very much but I find time most nights now. I’m getting exercise – walking while carrying the baby is a little slow but burns more calories plus my arms are getting strong lifting her around. I’ve not really been doing concentrated exercise but am feeling reasonably happy about this anyway.
Eat healthy is improving – there has been a bit too much bad snacking in the last few months but it is improving now especially as I have a bit more time to make food in the daytime. I’ve finished one skirt and am currently sewing on buttons for a cardigan. I’m increasing the number of pairs of socks as well but I’m not really wearing most of my wardrobe at the moment – it’s too likely to get spat up on.

Spinning hasn’t been touched yet this year 😦 I want to keep working on this though.
Designing (apart from in my head) is the same though I have a skein of laceweight mohair for which I can’t find a pattern I like so may try coming up with one on my own for a wide scarf.
Try a new craft: Well I’m not trying one I haven’t touched before but I’ve purchased a quilting book and plan to work on that in the not too distant future. I’m also working on my calligraphic skills (they need a bit) which I’ve never really worked at officially. I’d like to try and do some illuminated letters.

Given the addition of a baby to my world and that the goals were written prior to her arrival I think I’m not doing to bad. I’ve still got projects on the go that I’d like to see finished by the end of the year (or in the case of blankets much further along) but I think I’m feeling good about where I’m at.


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