Sewing all the things…

Yay for a working sewing machine. It’s been out on the table for the last couple of weeks and I’ve been busy using it when the hobbit will let me. I made her sunhat then put together a skirt I cut out over a year ago (pre-pregnancy).

It’s a half circle (sewn from two quarter circles) with a zip in one side seam. I really liked the fabric when I found it even though it’s a good bit brighter than what I’d usually go for. Hopefully we get some more warm weather this summer and it actually gets an outing.

I also whipped up a couple of taggie blankets (well taggie squares) because the hobbit has been nomming all the tags on her toys in the last few weeks.
I pulled out all the random bits of ribbon I had and she really seems to like it. One is living in her bag and the other gets thoroughly soaked by drool everyday.

I’ve got another toy in progress for her – I’ve just to finish the hand-sewing. My sewing machine is back away now as we’ll need enough room for 4 at the table next week. I’ll bring it out again soon though as there’s another skirt to put together and I want to try a couple of quilt squares too.


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