A sewn sunhat

So the crochet hat is too big and the other one too small. I’ve just had my sewing machine fixed and decided to try and make a simple sunhat. The first attempt was too small (used too big a seam allowance) and the second too big (too small an allowance) but the third one fits. However I don’t think it’ll fit for too long so I’ll finish off the too large one as well.
It’s a simple hat – circle for the top, strip for the sides and to arches for the brim. I’ve made it reversible by making two the same (I need to make a second large one to finish that off) and then sewn together at the brim. I’ve also sewn around the brim a number of times to stiffen it. The brim ruffles a little but it should work to shade her face anyway.

Tested it out while watching the Olympic Torch go past – works well enough but will need the larger size sooner rather than later.


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