I finished Skew after another session at knit night brought me too the heel. Despite the long instructions once you get to that point they are surprisingly quick to finish – the short rows up the leg certainly go quickly. I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out though am not actually wearing any of my hand knitted socks at the moment due to puffy pregnancy feet. I’m still not sure how I feel about the multi-coloured aspect of the socks but they wouldn’t have the same effect in a solid.

I’ve begun another pair of socks with unusual construction with the goal of getting the complicated heels out of the way. The pattern is Double Heelix and starts from the heel. The socks are then worked plain (with some decreasing for gussets) and so should be nice and simple. I’m using black and a purple/blue/green self striping to make them and plan for one foot to be black and the other stripy. The heels despite being complicated are rather quick and I’m happy that I’ve got both of them completed and have the feet ready to go.

I’m planning now to go back to the March Basic Cardigan but it is a bit big to be portable hence the socks.



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