Baby pants

So I’ve finished three pairs of woolly baby pants now and a sleeping bag too. The first pair I made were in bulky – using Wendy Mode Chunky and worked up super fast.

The other two pairs were also surprisingly quick despite having to wait for dpns (they arrived super fast despite me ordering on a Friday afternoon). They are made of dk weight, the cream in Sirdar Countrystyle DK and the red in Sirdar Snuggly DK. They have a better shape to the crotch than the bulky ones and I think that I’d make these again. The pattern used is a Drops design one.

At the same time I ordered the dpns I grabbed another ball of Wendy Mode Chunky to use in Zodiac Sleeping Bag along with some other leftover chunky. The bag took far less wool than I expected and I still have about 100g of scraps – not enough to make another bag but I could have made a larger size. The bag worked up quickly – unsurprising in chunky and in the round but the shoulders were a bit more time consuming. Hopefully baby will turn up soon and be able to use it.


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  1. Hi Veronica,

    Just checking in to see if there is a new bambino in the household… the waiting continues.

    Best of luck when it comes



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