Abalone and other things

So Abalone was finished just before the new year but it has taken me until today to take a photo. I’m not particularly comfortable with the way I look at the moment and debated just waiting until the baby was born before doing photos but figured I should get at least one photo of the full size baby bump.
Baby bump at 39 weeks

Abalone used 2 and 3/4 skeins of Manos Silk Blend. It was really nice to knit with and the project worked up quickly. The most annoying bit was picking up the stitches for the front bands. I ended up working the sleeves flat and seaming rather than in the round. This is mostly because doing purl stitches was going to be fiddly if I wanted to keep to gauge. Spit splicing kept ends to a minimum.

With the leftover yarn I have started Brambles Beret which is going to be lovely. The cables on it are a bit fiddly on dpns but I don’t have a small enough circular in the right size to use.

Shortly before Christmas (when shopping for baby clothes and not finding what I wanted) I got inspired to knit some baby leggings. I knitted one pair in bulky that worked up extremely quickly and have started 2 pairs in dk which are now waiting for dpns to arrive as I don’t have the right sizes to knit the legs. More on those when they are done.

Skew is still in progress – I took them to knitting last week and think I’m about halfway up the second foot. Hopefully will get a good amount done tonight and then will be able to do the heel.

I still have too many projects on the go and not enough getting finished – Mum’s shawl in particular is languishing because the rows take so long plus she arrives on Saturday so it will go into timeout for a while.


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