New Year 2012

Did I achieve my goals from last New Years?
Well it was going well in the first half of the year, then I got pregnant which sucked all the energy out of me and things rather fell by the wayside. Though given that getting pregnant was my biggest (though unlisted) goal for the year I guess I can still count that as a win. It will be interesting to see how having a baby affects things in the coming year as I find that many of last years goals will continue into this year.

I didn’t blog more (it ended up being about the same) – this was going well at the beginning of the year and then there was nothing for months and months. I’d like to keep this goal for 2012. If I manage to blog every time I think I should, or concentrate on getting posts about finished projects then I should achieve this.

I did well at taking photos of everything I made though I didn’t take photos of anything much else. This is probably mostly due to not actually doing much else. Adding a baby to take photos of should increase this and again I’d like to keep working on this.

Exercising regularly went well for the first half. I found setting myself a mileage goal for the week as part of my todo list worked quite well to get me walking for the sake of walking rather than as part of errands and daily life. I’m hoping that once things settle down after the baby is born I can get back into this as it’ll be good for me and the baby.

I believe I did read more books and spent less time aimlessly on the computer. Some of the reading was done on the computer and acquiring a kindle for Christmas should translate this type of reading to bed time as well. I went to library regularly throughout the year and while I didn’t read all the books I got out I did read a lot of them. I don’t feel the need to keep this as a goal but would like to ‘talk’ more about books that I read. I don’t spend as much time aimlessly on the computer I seem to have moved into watching movies and listening to podcasts while knitting instead which seems much more productive.

I increased the number of handmade items in my wardrobe and want to continue with this in 2012. I’ve not worn a lot of them (other than accessories) in the last few months as they just don’t fit currently but I’m happy with the way my wardrobe is moving. I need to get my sewing machine fixed up and get back into sewing – there are a couple of skirts that are waiting to be sewn together. I want to increase my skirt wearing in 2012 too. I may need to acquire a pair of mary janes.

I learnt to spin using a drop spindle. This was going quite well and the goal for 2012 is to increase my spinning time and improve my spinning.

Design a sweater happened only in concept. I haven’t made progress into swatching and the maths yet. This was complicated by not really knowing what size I should be making. The one I have in mind is quite fitted and the substantial change in bust size caused by pregnancy will clearly have an impact. I’d like to make further progress in 2012.

I didn’t use nearly as many new recipes as I’d like but I did add a number to the rotation. I’ve also gotten better at thinking about vege and fruit content of my day – helped along by the desire to have a healthy baby.

So goals for 2012:
Spin, blog, exercise, take photos, talk about books are all things I want to do regularly.
Eat healthy.
Continue to increase my handmade wardrobe.
Work on designing.
Try a new craft.

We’ll see how things go.


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One response to “New Year 2012

  1. Margaret

    Looking after baby will be your new craft this year!


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