Crafting for me

Having finished and posted various Christmas, birthday, baby and wedding gifts (though a few are waiting all parcelled up for an appropriate date) I’ve been making things for me. In particular I’ve started working on two cardigans one in grey and one in purple.

The grey one is March Basic Cardigan, a simple v-neck style. I wasn’t planning on starting this so soon but weather conspired against my getting the wool for the purple on and I found I had nothing simple to knit. I’m knitting this in a dark grey worsted weight 70/30 wool/acrylic blend. I’ve finished the back and have started on the fronts. I am working these together and working the button bands at the same time (the pattern has you put stitches on hold and knit and sew them on later). I’m also adding 2 buttons (7 instead of 5) so they will be closer together. Having received the wool for my other cardigan this one is now on hold for a bit. While I’d like to have it to wear this winter it won’t be usable until baby is born anyway so there is no particular hurry just yet.

The second cardigan is Abalone which is a short sleeved open front cardigan (and therefore wearable while pregnant). I am making this in gorgeous Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend in a lovely rich purple. This is knitting to a smaller gauge than the pattern but the pattern includes the directions for modifying it to any gauge and bust size. I expect that this will eventually be loose around the bust on me as I am knitting it so that it is wearable immediately and whilst nursing which will do who knows what to my bust size. It is worked in one piece to the armholes then splits into fronts and back. The shoulders are grafted together then the sleeves are picked up from the armholes (they are only short) and the edging (which goes around the bottom, up the fronts and across the neck) is picked up and knitted on in garter. At the moment I am about halfway up the body and coming to the end of the first skein. I have 3 skeins as two was just barely enough for the pattern as written and I was expecting a smaller gauge but I suspect I will still have a far amount of the 3rd skein leftover. I hope there will be enough for a hat or cowl as it is such lovely wool.

Aside from knitting cardigans I began a second scrap yarn blanket. This one is for my 4ply scraps and is worked in a spiral from the centre with mitred corners. It will be all one piece so no sewing together but there will of course be ends to weave in – perhaps I should be doing these as I go. One day I hope this and my granny square (dk and aran weights) blankets will get finished.

I’ve also got a pair of socks on the go and a number of others in the queue not to mention several lace shawls and another hibernating cardigan. Must get knitting and get some things completed.

Something else I want to try out shortly is making bracelets with sliding knots like the ones iMake made recently. I have a couple of strings of beads – one is teal candy jade and the other blue goldstone – that I’d like to make some use of and think would be quite useful as nursing aids. And I must get my sewing machine looked at sooner rather than later.

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