The beginnings of a quilt

So I haven’t previously made a quilt but have wanted to give it a go for a while. I’m starting with a small and simple one to try it out and I’m now ready to piece the top together. It’s only 1 metre square and made up of triangles which are combined into squares before being sewn into the top. I’ve made progress so hopefully it will turn out well.

It’s made up of squares that are half white and half coloured. I’m using a rainbow of colours and plan to lay it out sequentially as well.

In other things I’ve been knitting lots of small projects lately but also have a few big ones planned (lacy shawls again). I’ve started planning for birthdays coming up – there seem to be a lot in next few months – and started thinking about making Christmas cards as well. I know this is early but I prefer far of deadlines so I can make slow progress without feeling rushed to get it all done at once.

I did manage to almost keep up with the mystery socks – about half a clue behind at one point but had them finished in time. I didn’t find them particularly mysterious as the pattern on the foot continued up the leg. I’ve made another pair of socks since then (my knit night project), nice bright rainbow ones (which are actually finished though I don’t have a photo as evidence). I had enough yarn left to make a baby hat and still have maybe enough for booties too.

I’ve made a little progress on the Aeolian Shawl though not enough to be noticeable – it takes quite a bit of concentration and mine is a little lacking of late. My spinning is also almost hibernating – I’m slowly working on some alpaca and even more slowly on some merino which I am spinning finely on the 15g spindle I bought at Woolfest.


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