Back again

So, a bit of a break in blogging there. It started because I went home to NZ for a few weeks and then I never quite got back to it when I got back.
I’m not going to update all the things that have gone on while I wasn’t posting but plan (hope) to begin posting about what’s going on regularly again.

I guess the big thing going on at the moment is about a month ago (maybe a little more) I ordered a spindle (just a very basic one) and some fibre to give drop spindling a go. It’s pretty fun and I think I’m improving. I’ve spun 100g of Corriedale which is half a 2-ply and half a chain ply. I think I’ll probably end up making this up into granny squares for my ongoing blanket (I made a few more today) as it’s undyed and fairly uneven. Since then I’ve spun and plied 50g of purple merino. 2-ply again and this looks much more even than the Corriedale which is progress. I plan to spin the other 50g the same and possibly even make something with it. I’m not very fast – the spindle doesn’t spin for long periods and so progress is not fast. A group from my knitting group are going to Woolfest in Cumbria in about a month and I’m hoping to have a look at some spindles there and make plans or even buy one.

A few weeks ago I built a swift so that I could wind the 1500m of lace-weight I bought at the beginning of the year for an Aeolian Shawl. I used a lazy susan as the base and made cross pieces. The cross pieces are notched so they sit flat and bolted to the lazy susan so that I can take it apart when necessary. Winding the wool (without a ball winder) took most of 4 hours and I’ve left it on the towel roll I wound it on to keep it tidy. I’ve cast-on and worked the set-up chart and 3 repeats of the first pattern. I’m making the big shawl so have 12 repeats of the yucca chart to do before moving on. It’s still short rows at the moment so going okay but the beading does slow it down.

I’m working on Damson another shawl but this one is mostly garter stitch so is my basic project at the moment. This is done is some lace-weight yarn I bought in NZ. A merino, cotton and possum blend which is very soft. The next new project is a pair of mystery socks for the Solid Sock Group on Ravelry. The first clue is released on Wednesday and I’m hoping to keep up to date with that. These will be blue made of Patons Diploma Gold 4ply.

So lots of projects going on – I’m trying to get lots of projects done or in progress before going to Woolfest so I won’t feel guilty about buying more yarn and fibre.


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