Pancakes and whisks

The other day when I was out looking for new muffin trays I was fortunate enough to come across “the best whisk ever”. It’s one of those fancy ones with a ball inside found for the huge price of one whole pound!!
I made pancakes this morning and it really is pretty awesome – I just had to take a photo (you can see I’m making good use of that macro setting. The awesomest whisk ever!!
The last few times I’ve made pancakes I’ve made blueberry ones and then become horribly upset with the blueberries sticking. I decided instead to leave them out of the pancakes and make a blueberry sauce instead. This was a very good plan. Blueberries, a little sugar, water, vanilla and lemon juice and then just simmered while I cooked the pancakes. I also decided (on a whim) to add a extra egg to my pancake mix – a very good idea – they came out light and I had no troubles with sticky pancakes.

I’ve finished my denim skirt – a machine stitched hem twice folded over. I find I prefer machine stitched hems as the hand stitched ones are never as invisible as I’d like so I may as well make them intentionally visible and of course this is far quicker. I’m out of sewing projects right now (well except my husband needs some trousers hemmed) so will have to have a think about what to make next.

I’ve made a decision to only buy things as necessary and as I’ve been very good at getting through my queue of patterns I’m now in the fortunate position of needing more yarn. I ordered a couple of balls of sock yarn as well as a new set of dpns and yarn in kingfisher for a short sleeved cardigan from last suummers Interweave Knits. With any luck I’ll have them on Tuesday and will finish my monkey socks by then too.


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