I’ve finally worked out how to do macro shots on my camera and super macro too. It’s not one of the options on the top dial rather it’s in the menu instead. I’ve got a hold of the manual now (a pdf copy as my manual is still back in NZ) and next I’ll try and learn a bit more about the different settings on the dial. I’m thrilled to get the macro working. As proof here’s a shot of an all wire stitch marker I made today.

I hope to be able to improve my photography further this year – I think I may need to acquire a tripod though as I’m not to great at being steady and have to use both hands (and in some cases elbows too) to get a focussed shot. It might help if there were left handed cameras as I suspect I might be a bit steadier that way.

I also had a go at shawl pin today. It’s just a simple spiral to twist in made of silver coated copper 14gauge wire. It’s hammered and feels pretty sturdy even though it’s light. I think I’d like to get a hold of a bracelet mandrel (and a ring one too) for shaping in the future plus a vice (mine was rather to heavy to justify transporting it here).

I’ve just the hem to go now on my skirt – I’m almost out of thread now (using black in the bobbin) so hope I’ve got enough to finish it properly.


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