Stitch Markers

I spent a bit of time at the weekend going through my beads and bits and made some more stitch markers. I’m trying out various different methods to find ones I like best. I have a large number of beads that have no particular purpose and as I am trying to streamline and only buy what I need rather than everything I think is shiny I think I may make these up in to stitch markers to give or sell to other people. A lot of them will be snagless tigertail markers as I’ve done previously but I’m also trying out wire only markers and ones like the image below with a bead on a headpin. I think I need a bigger pair of needlenose pliers though or I’m only going to be able to use them on 4mm or smaller needles.

This picture shows some in use on my Haruni shawl. I’ve finished the first half and am now on to the trickier second half. I love the yarn though which is a half merino half silk blend by The Yarn Yard which I picked up at Knit Camp back in August.


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