Skirt one is done – a bottle green cord. Unfortunately I failed to notice the nap when I was cutting and now the back and front are going in different directions. It’s not particularly obvious when wearing it though. It fits too 🙂

Skirt two is in progress – only the waist facing and hem to go – the tricky bit you see as the waist needs easing to fit. This one is a navy denim with a subtle multi width stripe running down it.

When I bought the fabric we misread the pattern and so I ended up with a bit more fabric than necessary.  After cutting out the denim I decide to make a messenger bag with the rest – one that would be wide enough to take my knitting needles with out spiking things. I embroidered the flap with flowers like I am doing on the duvet cover – it turned out pretty well and I learnt a bit more about how to make things work. The bag is based on a smaller one in this tutorial at mmmcraft.

The outside is the denim, the lining is the cord, the inside of the flap is leftovers from my clutch purse and wallet, the pockets (one outside and one divided inside) are denim with leftovers from my needle roll as lining. The only thing that I didn’t do quite right is the strap. After cutting the pieces I didn’t have a long enough piece for the strap and sewed two pieces together. When I was checking this for length I should have made sure the join ended up at the back but I didn’t so I notice it at the front – it’s not really visible though as the denim is so dark.


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