Busy busy

So I’ve been a bit slack on posting but have been doing lots of crafty things as well as having Christmas. Crafting over christmas

I’ve finished the hooded scarf I mentioned in the post before Christmas – the bottom right. Over Christmas I spent most of my crafty time working on the colour work hat in the bottom left corner. This uses left over wool from the endpaper mitts (also seen previously). I’ve still got 10grams left of the ball. I quite like the wool to work with and plan to get some more to make a pair of rainbow socks sooner or later. The middle bottom is a crochet hat I made in a couple of hours with some leftover yarn from Christmas presents. That reminds me that I haven’t posted anything about the Christmas presents I made and sent off. They’re all on my Ravelry page if you’re so inclined.

The first two pictures in the top row are Annis – a crescent shaped shawl published in Knitty last year. You start with the lace – in which I substituted the nupps with beads – and then work short rows in stockinette to form the curve. It went surprisingly quickly for a 3ply shawl. It’s currently still drying on the spare bed.

The top right picture is the socks I’m working on currently. The pattern is Esther. It incorporates cables and lace. They require a fair amount of concentration so may be a rather slow pair of socks.
The centre left picture is the Blackberry Cardigan I’m making out of the red New Lanark yarn I got for my birthday. It too requires concentration and now that Annis is finished I need a new project for knit nights that doesn’t require much concentration.

My Christmas present was a sewing machine. We didn’t actually buy it until last week and I’ve still to make it to a big fabric shop for patterns and clothing fabric but I’ve been making bits and pieces. The middle picture is a gathered clutch as designed by Anna at noodle-head.com and the one on the right a needle roll for my straight needles. I’ve also made a needle roll for my dpns and have plans to follow another of Anna’s tutorials for a wee wallet. I’m pleased that I remember the basics of machine sewing and I’m looking forward to making some skirts for me.

We finally melted the snow that’d been hanging around since the end of November when we got fresh snow last weekend and some more on Tuesday night. We’ve had a bit of rain since then and much warmer temperatures which means it isn’t too bad here at the moment and I’ve managed to get a bit of walking in. The city here seems to be in a pocket of hills and manages to get bypassed by much of the truly horrible weather. Certainly a few miles north of us has had far more snow and are still digging themselves out.


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