Works done and in progress

So Owls was finished earlier this week, well it was finished last week but I only got to sewing on the buttons on Monday. 32 buttons takes a while to do. They look really cute and the sweater fits well – this is a good thing as I didn’t try it on as I went. I wore it to knitting on Tuesday (our last for the year) and got lots of compliments which was nice. Two others in the group are knitting this pattern as well. One for her daughter and the other for herself – she is planning on turning it into a cardigan.

I am finally getting to the thumb gusset on my second endpaper mitt. It’s been going slowly because I’ve been working on other things. I’m really pleased with how the colour changes came out in the first mitt and hope that I like the second one as much.

I’ve also made a vest out of the leftover New Lanark Yarn I made the Round Yoke cardy with. I’ve still got another ball left too – probably to turn into mitts or a hat. Maybe another calorimetry. Here’s a slightly fuzzy picture of the vest this morning. I haven’t yet learnt how to take decent pictures of me.

I’ve now begun a hooded scarf – useful for when I wear my hair in braids wrapped around my head. They don’t fit very well under my calorimetry and the back of my head gets cold too. It’s mostly seed stitch which did interesting things to my gauge – I had to go down 4 needle sizes to get gauge which is very unusual for me as I normally have to go up.

I’ve also finally finished a necklace I’ve had on the go for months. I like the final result as much as I thought I would but the actual making of it was rather tedious. Lots and lots of beaded links. I’ve also now completely run out of 20 gauge wire and am debating on whether it would make sense to by a kg of the stuff or if I should just stick with the small amounts available at bead stores – in which case it’s time for a trip to one. Perhaps I should weight some of the 18 gauge I have so I have an idea of how much 1kg of wire actually is.

We had another dumping of snow at the beginning of last week which has been very slowly melting since. The carpark at the back of our building is still half covered in ice and there’s still a fair bit to be seen on the castle hill too. More snow is apparently falling over much of the country today and over the weekend but we have had blue skies for much of the day – it is very cold though. Perhaps it’ll be like last year and we’ll miss out on getting any more.


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