Christmas Parcels and snow

So Winter has appeared with a vengeance. It started snowing just as I went to bed on Friday night and the city has been white ever since. We’ve had some quite heavy snow flurries but as we are (almost) in the city it’s not too horrible where we are. I ventured in to town today to post Christmas presents – having finally got around to writing all the overseas cards. It’s good to have them all on their way.

Owls is progressing – I have a few more inches to go on the second sleeve and then I join them all together and work the cabled yoke. I’m looking forward to being able to try it on.
My endpapers have grown only a little – they’ve taken a back seat to Owls. I did make my husband a hat yesterday – he’s lost one of his and the other one (which was formerly mine) is a bit small and doesn’t cover his ears. I hope it kept him warm today.

I’m going to knitting tonight in the snow – not sure how many people will actually make it but I’ll get to test out my new waterproof tramping boots bought this morning. I’ve been wearing my leather knee high boots for the last few days – they keep the water out better than my sneakers but don’t have much grip and I don’t want to damage the leather. The snow’s expected to keep going for another week or so, plus it’s not even quite December yet so I think they’ll get well used.


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