Works in progress …

Having competed travelling woman I’ve now got two works in progress on the go, swatching for a third and working on finishing a necklace too.
I finally ordered wool for the Owls sweater and got that yesterday. Since then I’ve swatched (which worked out on the needles I had) and done nearly 4″. Being done in chunky yarn (13 stitches to 4″) means it works really fast. It’s made seamlessly – body and the sleeves are joined at the yoke. I’m very excited about this so I think it will be done sooner rather than later.

I’m also working on the Endpaper mitts – my first try at colourwork. I’m holding both yarns in the same hand which seems to be going smoothly. I’m using a colour changing yarn as the background colour – each colour has long stretches so I’ve only just started to be able to see how they’re going to look.

I’m quite pleased with how they are working out.

I’m getting closer to finishing one of the jewellery projects I have going – I’ve now made all the beaded links and just have to put the necklace together.

We managed to have some sunshine today though it was still rather cold. I went for a nice walk this afternoon. The crag visible on it is still covered in lovely colours. There must be a large variety of trees in the woodland up there.


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