New shinys

Last week someone at knitting asked about making stitch markers as I make my own. She was asking if I’d make her some because she didn’t want to buy all the pliers. I offered to bring my pliers into knitting instead so she could have a go on her on. This (and making the earrings I talked about in my last post inspired me to actually get a couple of things made myself. I have a bunch of beads earmarked for projects that I bought months ago as well as couple of works in progress (well those are still works in progress) and made 2 necklaces and a pair of earrings as well as a few “snagless stitch markers.”

It’s inspired me to get the other two necklaces finished too so hopefully that’ll happen soon.

I’ve come to the final border chart of my travelling woman shawl. I’m hoping I’ll manage to finish it over the weekend so it can be blocked before Tuesday night knitting. I’ve also completed a cardigan (Round Yoke Cardigan by Milobo) in the blueberry New Lanark wool I got for my birthday. I’ve still got 3.5 balls left which I’m planning to make a vest out of and I’ve picked a pattern, Blackberry Cabled Cardigan for the cherry New Lanark wool. Also I’m about to buy the wool to make Owls which I’m very excited about. I should have lots of things to keep me warm this winter.


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