The darkness…

Daylight savings changed over at the weekend and now at ten to five it’s almost fully dark. I’m off to knitting group this evening which means walking there and back in the dark. Not so fun. Plus it’s been raining on and off today too.

We went away for a couple of days last week. My husband had to be in Aberdeen for work for a few hours on Monday afternoon after previously organising the week off to use up holidays before Christmas. Rather than doing there and back in one day and then going north again we went on to Inverness on Monday night. We spent Tuesday exploring the area including the Loch Ness monster exhibition, Rogie Falls, Culloden battlefield and the Clava Cairns. We headed home again on Wednesday – planned to make a couple of stops or detours but ended up with truly disgusting weather and cam straight home. My husband had Thursday and Friday off too and very happily spent them at home on the computer – I don’t think he actually left the house for four days.

I’ve been busy with more Christmas presents. I’ve still got to sort out something for Dad (he’s so hard to buy for) and then make a decision on weather I get anyone else something. I’ve really got to get things posted by then end of the month so they get there in good time. I finished all the cards but have now decided they’re a bit too plain so am planning to add some glitter by way of glitter glue tomorrow. That should be fun.

Having run out of presents to make and having made a second hottie cover for my husbands hot water bottle, I’m making things for me!!! I’ve just started on a pair of Veyla mitts by Ysolda Teague ( – having link fail this afternoon). They have an interesting construction as you make the lace cuff first flat from the short end around the wrist (it gets closed by buttons) and then pick up stitches to make the hand. I’m part way up the hand of the first glove. I’m using the leftover most of a ball from my Ivy Cardigan. They’ll be nice and soft.

Must go or I’ll be late for knitting.


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