Baking and cold weather

I’m in the middle of baking a batch of ANZAC biscuits at the moment. There are three trays full in the oven and about a third of the mix still in the bowl.  Last week my husband mentioned one of his workmates had been asking when I’d next make them cookies. While I’m not making them to order, I do like baking for the sake of baking. If I baked all I wanted to bake we’d soon be overflowing so it’s nice to have a reason to bake without then consuming them all. Of course it’s always nice to feel appreciated too. I’m making ANZAC biscuits because a) they don’t require creaming the butter and sugar and b) because there’s rather too much coconut in the cupboard and a double batch uses a full box of coconut.  I’m using the recipe from my Edmond’s cookbook. I was given this when I first started flatting and I’m very glad I was it’s a great source of all the basics and gets used probably as much as all my other cookbooks combined.

Baking makes the house smell wonderful and warms it up a bit too. This week the weather has taken a turn for the chilly. It was -1 when we got up yesterday and didn’t get into double figures at all. There was snow a few hours north of here though I don’t think it’s settling yet. Today started out cold and bright as well – not quite as cold as yesterday and we have made it to low double digits today. It’s begun to rain in the last hour and feels like it’s cooling down again. If I was going to knitting in town tonight rather than knitting in the next town over I’d be wearing gloves and a hat I think. As it is I think the car heater will get a work out.

Right time to go rescue the biscuits before they go crunchy.


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