I’ve been out and about a bit in the last week having a look at the lovely autumn colours. At the weekend  I went for a walk at Loch Ard in the Trossachs and took these photos of autumn.

There were lots of lovely colours including bright reds and I saw Christmas trees growing too.

I’ve now finished my snapdragon flip-tops to go with my tam. I haven’t taken a photo of them yet though. I’ve also made more progress on my Christmas presents – still have a few to go though. All the Christmas cards are done.

It was my birthday earlier this week, my husband took a day of work and we went south to New Lanark to go for a walk to the waterfalls, have a wee wander around, have a yummy lunch and then went and bought some wool. To ten ball packs of the double knitting. One in blueberry and one in cherry. The blueberry is going to become a pretty plain crochet cardigan – something to go with everything. I’ve been looking through lots of patterns to think of something for the cherry. I’ve got the yardage to make pretty much any jumper.

I think I’ve had a pretty good week.

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